texas Colts 33-3 tomball bobcats
25th FEB 2017 - 6:00 PM at HBU HUSKY FIELD | 7502 FONDREN RD, HOUSTON, TX 77074
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Joshua Jackson

The Tomball offense got off to a promising start following the Colts deferral to the second half with Bobcats QB #2, Brandon Wilson, moving the ball well in the first series connecting two out of three passes. However, the running game would sputter cutting the drive short after a forced fumble recovery by the Colts defense. The Colts made a strong opening drive, but it would be Bobcats mental mistakes that would spur the first score of the game. Two defensive encroachments and a facemask would place the Colts in the Bobcats red zone. Tomball would ultimately allow a 5 yard rushing TD from Colts #26 following the Colts 10 minute, 15 play opening drive, but would deny the extra point with a block by LB #12 Julius McMillan.

Joshua Jackson

The Tomball defense would quickly find their way back onto the field after another forced fumble turnover, but made quick work of the Colts this time with a 3-and-out forcing a punt situation. It would be the Colts mental mistakes that would fuel the next Bobcats drive, but an interception off a deep ball would take the wind out of the sails yet again. The Colts seemed to pick up the pace from there as they crafted a quick score from a deep 40 yard pass from Colts QB #13 to WR #1. Both teams would level out for the remainder of the half with the ball going back and forth. Bobcats kicker, #18 Mark Dearing, would put up a 37 yard field goal to get the Bobcats on the board going into halftime it would seem. But with 22 seconds left in the half, with the Bobcats on their 7 yard line, a controversial play resulting in a forced fumble would put up six more for the Colts. With only seconds remaining Bobcats return man, WR #15 Archie Jackson, made an outstanding return on the kick. A personal foul resulting from the play would give the Bobcats a shot for a final field goal. Dearing would attempt the 54 yarder, but would ultimately come up a few feet short of the goal post to end the half with the Colts up 13-3.

Joshua Jackson

The second half was a bit slower with both teams buckling down on defense. The ball would go back and forth, but with the Colts finding their way into the Bobcats red zone again, Colts QB #13 would thread the needle in tight coverage to WR #1 making a great snag in the end zone for the TD. The Tomball offense would get the ball back on their own 40 yard line after an impressive return from RB #5, Rene Fernandez, but they couldn't capitalize as the next series would send them back into their own red zone due to penalties and a big defensive sack. The Bobcats punt team would take the field, but on a high snap kicker Mark Dearing couldn't get the ball off in time and was tackled for a loss at the one yard line. The next play resulted in an easy Colts score on a short run play from RB #38 making the score 33-3, and would be the final score of the evening.

The Bobcats kept fighting. The offense would put together an impressive drive following a great return that would take them from their own 32 yard line into Colts territory, but would come up short on a 4th down play. Both defenses would force the go 3-and-out, with the ball staying around mid-field until the Colts got a break for their longest run of the night from FB #12 for a 16 yard gain down to the Bobcats 14 yard line. However, the following play would result in a fumble after a faulty hand-off exchange from Colts QB #1 and RB #19 with the Bobcats recovery by DE #94, Charles Woods. The Bobcats would take over with about eight minutes remaining in the game at their own 16-yard line.

With the game seemingly in the bag for the Colts, the Tomball offense couldn't catch a break as the Colts forced a sack for loss and several penalties that found them punting from the 1 yard line yet again. Somehow Bobcats punter #13, Shamus Donahoe, was able to get a quick kick from the back of the endzone out to the 30 yard line, but it was muffed by the intended returner allowing CB #21 Jalen Richard to retain possession from the fumble.

Joshua Jackson

This time with Jalen Richard, still in at QB, the Bobcats offense was able to muster up a solid drive beginning at the 30 yard line all the way into the Colts redzone. Richard seemed to carry the offense tallying up 30 yards rushing and two great passes for 23 and 12 yards, both to RB #33 Earl Nixon. With the ball on the Colts 12 yard line and only seconds on the clock, it appeared the Bobcats were poised to finish the game with a score. Richard took the shotgun snap from their spread formation and launched it to WR #15 Archie Jackson. Jackson leaped and made a great catch, but forward momentum would carry him out of bounds at the 1 yard line to end the game.

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