tomball bobcats 0 - 20 HOUSTON TITANS
29th APR 2017 - 6:00 PM at CONCORDIA HIGH SCHOOL | 700 E. MAIN ST, TOMBALL, 77375
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WEEK TEN: Although the prospect of a post season play likely diminished, the Bobcats (3-6) keep a prideful eye on their next opponent the Houston Titans (4-5). The first time these teams met it was on Titan turf, but Tomball triumphed after a hard-fought competition. The Houston Titans are hungry for payback, but the Bobcats are eager to play the spoiler for the Titans. Kickoff is scheduled for 6pm at Concordia High School.

SUMMARY: Similar to many games this year, the Bobcats got off to a good start out of the gate with defense taking the field first forcing the Titans to punt after the second series possession. The Tomball offense maintained the momentum marching the ball down the field from their own 40-yard line into the Titan red zone. However, the Titans would maintain their composure waiting for a Bobcats mistake to capitalize on. That chance came in the form of a pass thrown into triple coverage resulting in an interception at the 10-yard line. The Titans would eventually capitalize on another coverage mistake allowing a 65-yard pass for the first score of the game. They would convert the 2-point conversion with 27 seconds remaining in the first quarter and a score of 8-0.

The ball would exchange hands throughout the second and third quarters. With only seconds remaining the Titans would capitalize yet again on a blown coverage scheme. With the ball on the 16-yardline Titans QB, A.J. Brown would find his running back in the flats wide open for the easy score. The Bobcats would deny the 2-point conversion this time.

In the fourth quarter the Titans would struggle to progress the ball on the ground, but would find more opportunities in the air as they were able to move the ball into the Bobcats red-zone, this time only six minutes into the fourth quarter putting the Titans 20 unanswered points ahead of the Bobcats. Fortunately, the Tomball defense would hold the Titans scoreless for the remainder of the game, but they returned the favor preventing the Bobcats offense from getting off the ground. The loss would end the Tomball Bobcats 2017 with a record of 3-7. With many TUFA teams still in the hunt we'll wait and see who comes out on top as the playoffs begin in a couple weeks. Until then, it's time to focus on the off-season for the Bobcats.